Measuring Remote Work

1 September 2020

COVID-19 has shifted many orgs into a full-remote mode. As per some of my other news pieces, an important learning has been that remote work can prove more performant and empowering. To achieve this, we want to measure our outcomes and how remote work impacts these. We also want to measure how our teams are doing. Read my news piece on how UK based Headforwards and MIT’s Sloan School of Management wrote about measuring, dash-boarding and optimising the performance of remote teams.

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Remote Work

11 March 2019

I’ve wanted to try out working fully remotely for a while. I coached a number of part-remote teams and got to have some fun in trying to make them effective. Most recently, I was thrown back to the UK after the passing of my mother and ended up coaching a team with a number of Eastern European developers.

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I am a Java Professor

1 March 2019

One thing my late mother had always hoped for, was that I’d become a professor. Given that I’d chosen a different professional path after graduating, I never expected to be able to realise this wish of hers. Not until about 7 months after she’d passed, that is. Funny how these life changes come about.

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Hello there!

3 March 2014

I’m Raf. I’ll be your host here. I’ve been looking for somewhere to throw uncensored thoughts out, rich in typos and other noise.

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