I am a Java Professor

One thing my late mother had always hoped for, was that I’d become a professor. Given that I’d chosen a different professional path after graduating, I never expected to be able to realise this wish of hers. Not until about 7 months after she’d passed, that is. Funny how these life changes come about.

On returning to New Zealand I was keen to make a difference in some way. So I took on some work for OpenClassrooms.com and found myself working to a contracted title of “Professor.”

Rather than this being a gimic, the courses I have created with OC are path of a syallasbus which will provide students with actual graduate and post-graduate qualifications. I love reinterpreting classical concepts for new contexts. It feels like we’re doing that with education.

Openclassrooms is a French tech company which is disrupting academia. They work with specialists from industry, government and traditional academic institutions in order to produce French accredited bachelor and master qualifications awarded on completion of courses and projects inspired by real business scenarios which demand both engineering and specific tooling knowledge.

My role has been to partner with instructional designers, other industry specialists and members of the OC team in creating new courses, industry like projects, consulting on learning path-ways for architecture and helping shape non-ambiguous grading scales.

OC releases all of its courses under a Creative Commons licence. Appreciative of our shared value alignment.

Check out some of the coures we produced:

Written on March 1, 2019