My talk at QCon 2013 on Climbing out of a Crisis Loop at the BBC

Raf Gemmail and Katherine Kirk tell the story of a BBC team which worked out of a severe crisis loop by bending the Agile ‘rules’ and combining multiple Agile and JFDI ‘methods.’

Katherine and I paired on telling the story of how we took a team from a typical failing OOTB Scrum scenario to being a high-performing Kanban team. I discussed consciously focussing on Technical Debt. Amusingly, Ward Cunningham approached me while I was eating lunch to give his kudos. I got to hear the Technical Debt stories first hand. An unforgettable moment.

Climbing Out of a Crisis Loop: How a Critical BBC Back-end Team Reigned in a Workflow Crisis-to-crisis Cycle

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Written on June 29, 2013