InfoQ Engineering Culture Trends Report - 2022

Check out the bell curve we expect to see in 2022, based on the experiences of our team of InfoQ Editors.

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Key Takeaways (from my perspective)

  • Hybrid work needs redesign and may be hiding the need for intentional redesign to avoid two-tiers.
  • The world is reassing what work means and what options are availble. Wish Iā€™d discussed the great-resignation and the end of commutes.
  • Using intentional team design to support remote and provided needed capabilities.
  • Leadership styles need to catch up with the shift in working practices.
  • More than ever, wellness is imoprtant. Leads must take responsibily for providing the right support for mental wellness.
  • Checkout the podcast featuring Sandy Mamoli, myself and the rest of the InfoQ culture and methods team.
Written on April 5, 2022