I’m your host Raf Gemmail and responsible for the thoughts and views here. I intend to use these pages as out outlet for minimally censored spewage about software, architecture, lean product development, learning loops, Science and the Ukulele.

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I also try to give back by reporting for the amazing InfoQ: [https://www.infoq.com/profile/Rafiq-Gemmail]

What do I care about?

Who is this guy? I started cutting code as a 9 year old, the first time around and haven’t stopped. I grew up with BBC Basic, Arm Assembler and Zortech C. Today, I see myself as a polyglot and fullstack product engineer, where my stack shifts from ideation through to clean engineering and learning from the delivered solution.

I am a proven engineer, having worked as a technical leader, Agile coach, solutions architect and full-stack polyglot with a JVM engineering core, and an outcome and a customer-centric mindset.

I have a long history of writing software, leading and coaching Agile development teams. I have helped both small and well-known organisations to design and deliver high-impact and data-intensive solutions

I am a practitioner and champion of real cross-functional DevOps, user empathy, a common business language, ATDD, small chunks, fast-feedback, automation and continuous improvement. Within my teams, I have a history of achieving cross-functionality, user-engagement and continuous delivery through effective pragmatism.

I am also experienced in collaborating with clients, product teams and the wider business on setting and communicating organisational goals and objectives, so that development teams buy into a shared vision. I have delivered numerous API and partner integration projects, and enjoy the collaboration involved.

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